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10 Productive Ways To Use Free Time

It's really very difficult  to get some free time these days. However, there are at times  you may get some free time  and you can use that free time to have fun with your family , friends and get relaxed.   If you have some chuck of free time during office hours , you can best use them in a productive way.

Well, think for a while, If you really have  free time,  How best you are going to use it ?  Sometimes, you can  plan few things a head, Right ? Ok what can you do while you free? 

You can list down all possible things you like to do in your free time and try complete those activities one by one.  There are many things we keep avoiding to do as we don't prioritize them due to lack of free time.  Why not you prepare a list and see how you can complete and be relaxed .

For example , many times we skip calling our old friends, relatives or even some old office mates. Is n't nice you call them in your free time and memorize the old child-hood days.

In this post  I want to share some productive ways to utilize the free time. 

1.Do Research on a Topic.
One best way is to do research on a topic which you don't know and which you feel , it will be helpful for your career orpersonal development. Sometimes while working you come across some queries and you just leave it unanswered.Try to find answers to the queries you have.Else you can select some interesting topic or questions and try to find out a answers to them.Share this with your friends and family.

2.Plan for your career.
You can find out the gaps you have in your career front. Try to see where you are as per your skills and capabilities.Write up and try to plan on how to improve your skills. You can try to complete few online courses available on internet and get some simple certifications and share with your friends. You can even try to read some books online on self-improvement or read some articles on web about  "how to be successful" , "how to build-self confidence, "how to be positive" and any motivational articles.

3.Clean up the disk in your personal laptop or computer.
Go through all the drives of your computer and delete all the unwanted files and folders.Remove all the unwanted software and stuff. Some time most of them temporary files and software drain the system performance. Why not you go and delete all those unwanted stuff. You can even categorise the files with some folder names for easy accessing.

4.Write an Article or update your personal blog.
You can write some articles on the topic you are interested in and try to publicize it.You can publish it in news papers or in some article base www.articlesbase.com and make money out of it. In this way you can share your views to others as well.

5.Clear up the old mess.
Try to clean up the cupboards, sell old files and books which you don't use any more.Clean up all the unwanted stuff in your shelves and cub boards.

6.Prepare the list of Friends and Call them.
Call your old friends and old buddies. Prepare a list of your friends with whom you lost contacts.Try to call them and talk to them.

7. Do some physical exercise and meditation.
You may not find time to go out for jogging daily or perform meditation. You can sit in your seat and do some stretching exercises and move your body left and right. Go for small walk near steps or corridor. You can even close your eyes and do some meditation.

8.Clear of the Bills and Overdue's.
Prepare the list of bills and payment dues and clear them.Go through all your bank statements once and see what all spending's you have done in last few months. You can log all data for reference and make sure you can clear all those payments online.

9.Print Photos.
We take so many photos with our digital cameras but never find time to take print some.In your free time sort out all the good photographs and give it for printing.Prepare a nice album and present it to your family.

10. Learn how to cook in youtube videos.
Best thing you can do is , you can learn to prepare some good dishes.It will be helpful at times when your spouse is not at home or not feeling well.You will surely enjoying cooking food and it will impress your spouse as well.

Hope you can use the above ways to be productive.   Continue reading on What to do in Free time