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How To Be More Successful

 10 Tips To Become More Successful In Life
What is success ? It's just making money or it's just making name in the area you are into or its some thing others don't have and you want to have. Everyone aims for success and all of us even me writing this article wants to be successful in my life, no matter what ever I do in my life. We spent most of our productive life in thriving for success. Some of us are very successful in early stages of life and some of us in later stages. 

There are many people who search for some magic mantra or some success formula in the hunt of success.Success is not the one which comes just by reading some article or exercising some success formula.One much have proper behaviour, attitude,patience,faith,hard work, self-discipline, energy,knowledge which all together contribute to success.
1.Have a definite and Fixed goal in life...
First thing is you should have a fixed and clear cut goal.With out a goal is like bowing the arrow in air.Once the target been set, you can plan further on how to achieve that target. Aiming is very important.Set the achievable goal. Set a goal which you thing best matches to your potential and you are pretty confident you can reach it. 

Setting a realistic goal is very important.People some times become more aggressive that they set goal which they can't reach at all.Also I recommed to have a fixed goal , don't keep on changing goals until you reach that one. So first thing is to have a precise and clear cut , fixed goal.

2.Stick To Time...
The goal which you have fixed has to modularized.What I mean by this is you should define some short terms goal to achieve long term goals.Prepare action-items which you feel important for your goal.For every action-item define the time-period.Setting due date to every item in the goal is very important.

Try to work on action-items and stick to the time you have decided.Like this you will not waste time in routine activities.We waste most of our time in watching TV, checking mails, chatting.Most of our productive times goes waste in telephonic calls and chatting .Please limit your calls and excessive chatting. Learn more about how to focus and achieve goals.

3.Define a Road Map...
Its inline with above two points. Road map is must for every success. Its the way one can relief their stress. Day to day we think a lot and every thing goes into mind.We never put any thing in paper or we never store it some where.Most of our ideas goes in vain.

What ever we think first we should store some where , either in post-it or some dairy.Once you have all the ideas collected, prepare a road map to achieve your goal.Take the best idea which you feel can work in long run.Don't look for short term success. Always prepare your mind for long term success.

4.Believe in Your Self...
This is very crucial for every success.With out belief in one self no one can gain anything.
Believing your self give 90% success.I am sure about it. Those who believe themselves strongly are one the most successful people.Take any of the successful people around you, they are successful because they truly believed themselves.They stick to what they think and never change their decisions.

5.Define Time for your goal...
One must define time for their goal.This is really very difficult but its very important.We have to take time and work on our success goals no matter how busy we are.Why I said difficult because, daily we are so much involved with professional life , family , children, relatives, friends, it become very difficult to work on our goals .We basically set goals but find it difficult to allocate time and work on them. I feel like one should allocate time and work on their goals. know more about how to manage time.

6.Have a strong desire to success...
If there is no desire , there in no growth. One should have strong burning desire to reach their success goals.Every action , every step should always towards their goals.Its should be like do-or-die attitude towards your goals.We generally tend to more focussed and keen for few days or hardly months and later we just give up .This could be because we are getting what we expecting out of it. Slowly we tend to lose the confidence. Patience is very important and don't expects results to show quick. You have to have a strong desire to do something and keep working on that.

7.Keep yourself cool...
One should be cool and have patience. Rome is not built in a day. Similarly success will not come just like that .Lots of hard work is needed.Your potential is tested always.Please be cool and have a peace of mind.For everything time will come. We are humans and its quite common that we tend to lose our cool.We can't be same always.Things change and we react to it. But , if you want to be successful , you have keep yourself cool. If someone makes fun of yours or making a joke on you.Don't react on it. Keep that with you and once you achieve what you want , then show up to them , that you are not wrong .Youbelieved in yourself and proved you are correct.

8.Learn from failures...
Failures are common. If there are no failure that means you are not in right track.Failures are lessons to you.They give you the opportunity to work better and think well. Learn more about how persistence leads to success.

9.Do research,Read Success stories...
Its always better to tune your mind to success.Reading success stories of people  will help to tune of mind.You  will also start thinking in the same way how successful  people think. Their life examples will help you to take corrective actions.You can learn from their mistakes and will not repeat them.Successful people have selective approach and disciplined behaviour.

Reading biographies of most successful people helps you  in understanding their way of thinking. I am not saying you should also take their approach but I say think of the advantages of their approach.Always keep in mind you have to reach success as early as you can.That means you have to use the experience of the successful people. 

10.Do Meditation.
Having a peace of mind is very important finally. One can perform well when he don't have stress and pressure.Perform Meditation , it will enrich your mind.
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